The Top in Douchebaggery?

I promise to get back to trading and investing tomorrow, but I just wanted to link to a story from the New York Post. I have to admit, I thought it was a joke at first. Alas, this thing is real and you too can obtain NYC DB status for the low annual fee of only $250.

Here’s the link to the story:  The College Dropout Behind NYC’s Most Exclusive Credit Card.

Before you comment, send in hate e-mails, or forever unfavorite my site, please know I understand I’m being a hater here. Save the, “Who are you to judge this entrepreneur for supplying what’s demanded? What makes you so f’in cool? You’re just mad because you’re not a VIP anywhere in the world.”

I get all that. Props to this young man for having a successful vision and creating a niche product that just may turn out to make him very wealthy. It’s just the story reads like a satire and it’s difficult to believe that users can get so excited for The Hard Rock Pool of credit cards.

Is Magnises the top in douchebaggery? Can’t know; my crystal ball obviously only works in the markets.

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