Education:  Bachelors in business administration and a masters in accounting

Business experience:  Retail management, public accounting, B2B sales

Market experience:  Investing since right out of college in 2000, trading seriously since 2009 when I finally realized the whole system is rigged and even the “experts” don’t consistently know or offer anything useful.  Fairly well versed in technical and fundamental analysis for all markets, and I do mean all markets.  Solid base in economics, event interpretation, and inter-market/asset-class correlations.

I’m not an investment professional and I don’t offer any professional advice that should be followed here.  I think I have professional-level speculating skills, but the jury is still out and probably always will be.  My thoughts are shared here to, A) Sometimes help me crystallize my thoughts around a notion, and B) Assist in maintaining a modicum of communication skill via the written word.  I have no desire for notoriety which is why I have zero social presence; no FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, etc.  Don’t need the world to look at me.  Trading and writing are intellectually stimulating endeavors and that’s enough.  Family first.  Thanks for stopping by.