The Margin Rich blog is simply an outlet to share my analyses on the markets and every once in a while attach a simple trade to the analysis.  I used to construct these somewhat elaborate e-mails for friends and colleagues in a sort of pseudo-article format, but I thought why not publish this stuff and see what opportunities my little corner of the web garners(with virtually no expectations).  The first handful of posts up to August of 2013 are the results of those e-mails.

As an educated business professional I do know a thing or two about investing, or as it should be called…speculating, but I don’t come from the Ivy League or the Street in any capacity nor have I ever managed money other than my own or those closest to me.  I just have a passion for this stuff and am able to focus my efforts around it.  I mean let’s be honest, it ain’t exactly rocket science to intelligently play in the markets.  Like any skill it requires an investment of time, effort, preparation, a little luck, and of course a certain amount of intellect; but anyone can do it.

I don’t claim to be omniscient or omnipotent.  When it comes to markets, I mostly just “read the tape.”  There’s zero quantitative analysis applied to my opinions here.  What you read here are simply my interpretations, right or wrong.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy my brand of market analysis.