Money May/Mystic Mac Prediction

The outcome of the fight tonight will be a 12-round decision for Mayweather.  That’s been my thought process from the beginning.  His defensive wizardry and experience will rule the day.  Look no further than the Canelo fight for a clear, recent example of how Mayweather treats younger, bigger, and stronger guys.

Even up till a couple of days ago you could get +300 on your money for a Mayweather decision.  Seems like a ludicrous prop on a book’s part, but the bookmakers make the lines for a reason.  They know.

None the less, Mayweather in twelve.

In a fight, it’s been my observation and very limited experience that 6 factors consistently seem to rule the outcome.  These factors are from most important to least:  1. Skills  2. Experience  3. Ferocity  4. God-Given Power  5. Speed  6. Combinations.  Mac is favored in all 6 of these categories for a fight against Floyd.

In boxing, the factors are in a different order and defense replaces ferocity.  They are:  1. Skills  2. Experience  3. Defensive array(catching, slipping, spacing, etc.)  4. Combinations  5. God-Given Power  6. Speed.

The importance of throwing effective combinations in boxing rises dramatically in a 12 round match.  That second or third punch that slips through to a liver or behind the ear can often be the opponents unseen fight ender.

Floyd easily outclass Mac in all 6 of these areas in the ring, but it’s specifically number 3 of the boxing factors that’s going to give him the decision.  Enjoy the spectacle.

Fans of Boxing

Nobody really cares about boxing anymore.  Of course, true fans of the “sweet science” will always appreciate the sport, but most fight fans gravitate towards MMA thanks to the UFC and their brilliant marketing over the last 10 years.  The UFC has consolidated the power base in MMA through M&A and worked out sweetheart distribution deals to keep the brand exposed via Spike, at first, and now the mainstream Fox.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love MMA but pugilistic warriors, especially highly-skilled boxers, are every bit as entertaining as today’s MMA stars.

Via Al Haymon’s Premier Boxing Championship (“PBC”) series, boxing has returned to the public networks in a return to the renaissance days of yesteryear when boxing was displayed in full glory to the masses.  Sure, the biggest fights are still controlled by HBO, Showtime, and the greasy fight promoters by way of the pay-per-view model but you can’t blame them.  Promoters are simply maximizing their take-home pay for themselves and their fighters.  That’s how Money May has been the highest paid athlete in the world for a few years running.  You think MMT would be grossing over $100M if NBC aired his fights on public broadcasts?

Which brings me to Errol Spence Jr., the future of boxing.  If you didn’t watch his destruction of Chris Algieri last night, then you missed a glance into the window of what lies in store for fighters from 147 to 154.  Up until his 20th fight last night, Spence has fought virtually nobody as he was tuning up his pro record.  S.O.P. for the fight game. Algieri was his first true test and Spence passed with flying colors.  He did what Amir Khan or Manny Pacquiao couldn’t do.  Hell, even the jack-hammer hitting Ruslan Provodnikov couldn’t do it either.  Spence knocked the very game Algieri out in the 5th round.

At barely 26, I can see Spence dominating for another decade if yesterday’s fight was a sneak peek into his potential supremacy.  He showed discipline by consistently working the body early and often.  He followed his game plan of catching Algieri on his ducking with huge straight lefts.  It was beautiful.

The only question mark for me is Spence’s chin.  Algieri definitely did not test it.  He did hit Spence with a few very good counters, but to absolutely no effect.  Algieri is not a power puncher.  He’s a combo-throwing decision winner.  Regardless, Spence just walked right through any punches he took to his face and countered with an even bigger hit.  I’m real curious to see how Spence does against world-class power punchers.

At this point, I can see a lot of fighters begin to duck Spence very much like Gennady Golovkin has been ducked.  Golovkin is the people’s champ because everybody loves his KO power but nobody wants to face him.  Finally, payouts have risen so high that fighters simply cannot refuse a match with Golovkin.  The money’s just too good.

I would hate to see that happen to Spence for too long, because this guy is truly special.  If you love a knockout artist who uses skilled body punching as his set up to a chin-wrecking finish, then you’ll love Errol Spence Jr.  Keep your eyes on him.  Styles make fights and some fighter out there just may be his kryptonite but I just don’t see it right now.  His future is bright and it would appear the only thing that could derail him is the potential for ego-growth.  The taste of spectacular success can change the emotionally-weak for the worse.

Then again, it hasn’t seemed to do much to harm Floyd Mayweather Jr., so let’s hope the PBC can keep Spence on air for free for as long as possible because we probably don’t have too long before Errol Spence Jr. could be working his own way to the top of the list of pro athlete earners.

Take a Break From the Markets and Enjoy Some Footage of MMA’s Potentially Next Big Thing at 135/145

Currencies are swinging with volatility. The S&P 500 continues to confound with its flat run for the year. Commodities are blowing apart everybody’s theory on hard asset alternative investments. So what to do? Have a short look at Boston Salmon

With a name like Boston Salmon, he’s just gotta be star. Right? If you’re a fight fan, then keep an eye on this young Hawaiian. He hasn’t been called up to the UFC yet as he’s still paying his dues in RFA, which is one of the minor-league feeders up to the main event. Their promotions usually air on AXS, which is generally offered as part of a basic package by local cable or satellite providers. It won’t be long before Dana comes’a calling for Mr. Salmon, though.

This youngster possesses super-crisp boxing, like many of the Hawaiian mixed martial artists. Shoots! But Salmon has extreme KO power to go with the boxing skills. He’s already one of the best combo throwers I’ve seen in a long time, but again, that’s not against the world’s best fighters yet. He’s also very skilled at takedown defense and the times I’ve witnessed a shot work on him, he just gets right back up ala The Iceman in his prime.

What really makes me love Boston Salmon’s skills though is his deadly-accurate, ultra-fast kick to the liver. Boston is a southpaw so he doesn’t have to utilize a switch before throwing it with power. The southpaw stance also allows him to whip the kick with more speed into the unsuspecting opponent’s liver. It easy to tell that this kid has practiced this kick tens of thousands of time in his life. It’s the best I’ve ever seen and I’ve been watching MMA fighting since it was only accessible on VHS back in 1995. Trust me when I tell you, I’ve seen my fair share of devastating liver kicks. Salmon uses his to perfection.

Against fellow stand-up bangers, he’ll soften them up with the left kick to the body and then it’s only a matter of time before the final outcome. What he’ll have to watch out for is when he’s up against the world-class ground guys who are superb at countering kicks with a shot or catch. It’ll be interesting to observe Boston Salmon’s progression. Impressive, athletic bangers aren’t always guaranteed stars. See Uriah Hall.

If you’re unfamiliar with Salmon, have a two-minute watch of 3 of his highlights.